Project Details

Name Udria Wind Project
Capacity 40 MW
Location Ida-Virumaa province, 3 km south of Baltic sea, Estonia
Grid connection 8 km away from 330 kV Püssi substation Connection approved by Eesti Energia
Pre-feasibility study Commissioned from Garrad Hassan & Partners (UK)
Wind monitoring Commissioned from Garrad Hassan & Partners (UK)
Wind monitoring masts 3 x 70m Class 1 Hi Mast systems supplied by Nexgen (UK) Monitoring at 4 levels: 70m, 60m, 50m, 40m
Planning and Environmental Impact Assessment Commissioned from Hendrikson & Ko.
Land Lease 50-year land lease agreements with land owners


Turbine model Vestas V90 – 2.0MW
Turbine rating 2MW
Number of turbines 20
Rotor diameter 90m
Hub height 105m


Start of wind measurement March 2006
Completion of Planning March 2010
Public Discussion
Construction Permit Mid 2010
Start of construction
Order of Equipment
Start of (turbine) erection works Mid 2011
Commissioning and start of commercial operations Early 2012

Output Details

Production of Electricity 110 GWh/year
Equivalent homes powered *
CO2 savings 113,300 tonnes
Number of cars with equivalent emission *
CO2 trading Registered with the government of Estonia for the sale of ERUs during 2011-2012

Brief site description

Raunistal AS is developing Udria Wind Farm with projected capacity of 40 MW in Ida-Virumaa province, Vaivara municipality in the northeast of Estonia. The total area of the site is approximately 400 Ha and is located 1 km east of the village of Sinimäe and 3 km south of the Baltic Sea coast. The terrain consists mainly of open fields with a few areas of scattered trees and bushes. The site is flat and to the north of the site the land slopes gently down to the Baltic coast. The land is used for farming. One part (approximately half) of the land is privately owned and the other part is owned by the government. The site includes no environmentally protected or conservation areas. Using support of the local farmers and officials Raunistal is working towards obtaining permits necessary for planning and construction of the wind farm on the Udria site.

Feasibility Study and Wind Measurement

World recognized consulting company Garrad Hassan and Partners (UK) conducted a preliminary feasibility study on the Udria site in 2005. The outcomes of their studies and internal economic and technical analysis showed that there is sufficient evidence in favor of developing wind energy projects on the site.

Garrad Hassan has been administering a wind monitoring campaign for the Udria site as of March 2006, when the first 70 meter meteorological mast was installed on the site. The second one was placed later in October 2006. The masts used at the site are manufactured by Nexgen (UK), whose equipment can control for severe weather conditions such as icing.

The reports on wind conditions for four quarters and the study of correlation between wind measurements on the site and long-term data from other sources have both exhibited results that are consistent with those of pre-feasibility studies. In the middle of May 2007, bankable energy assessment report based upon the 12-month data on wind monitoring was completed. The fact that the data was gathered by an experienced industry consultant allows Greta Energy to accurately assess the wind conditions and the risks of further developing and financing the Udria project.


Garrad Hassan is also working on site-condition-report which will be provided to selected turbine manufacturers. Currently, Greta is conducting negotiations with several manufacturers to decide on the final selection of the wind turbines for the Udria project. The studies at the site prove that turbines each with 2MW of installed capacity, a rotor diameter of 90 m and a hub height of 105 m are the most suitable for this project.

Grid connection

The Udria site is about 8km far from 330 KV Balti sub-station. At the beginning of 2007, Raunistal was officially approved by Eesti Energia, local utility company responsible for power transmission in Estonia, to connect to the grid at Balti substation. The agreement for grid connection with Eesti Energia was signed in January 2008.

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