Project Details

Name Mustanina Wind Project
Capacity Up to 40 MW
Location Located in the village Mustanina, approximately 25 km southwest of the town of Narva in northeastern Estonia, approximately 17 km south of the Baltic Sea.
Grid connection 21 km away from 330 kV Balti substation Connection approved by Eesti Energia.
Wind monitoring Commissioned from Garrad Hassan & Partners (UK) Started in July 2011
Wind monitoring masts 2 x 70m tubular meteorological masts using Second Wind Nomad2 data logger systems. Monitoring at 4 levels: 70m, 60m, 50m, 40m
Planning and Environmental Impact Assessment General site plan commenced by AS Pöyry Entec and approved by the local government Vaivara in August 2010. Environmental impact assessment approved by the government

Brief site description

Raunistal AS is developing Mustanina Wind Farm with projected capacity of 80 MW in Ida-Virumaa province, Vaivara municipality in the northeast of Estonia. The total area of the site is approximately 2000 Ha and is located in the village Mustanina and 17 km south of the Baltic Sea coast. The site stretches 4 km from north to south and 6 km from west to east. The turbine layout is not yet defined. The site was formerly used as oil shale quarry. Corresponding to the speed of mining the age, density and height of vegetation, mainly consisting of bushes and trees, decreases from north to south.The land is 100% owned by the government. The site includes no environmentally protected or conservation areas. Using support of the local farmers and officials Raunistal is working towards obtaining permits necessary for planning and construction of the wind farm on the Mustanina site.

Feasibility Study and Wind Measurement

Garrad Hassan has been administering a wind monitoring campaign for the Mustanina site as of July 2011, when the first 70 meter meteorological mast was installed on the site. The masts used at the site are manufactured by Nexgen (UK), whose equipment can control for severe weather conditions such as icing.

Grid connection

The Mustanina site is about 21km far from 330 KV Balti sub-station. At the beginning of 2007, Raunistal was officially approved by Eesti Energia, local utility company responsible for power transmission in Estonia, to connect to the grid at Balti substation. The agreement for grid connection with Eesti Energia was signed in January 2008. Construction of 330KV sub-station is expected to be completed by September 2012.

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