Head Office

Located in Toronto, Canada, the Head Office is the main executive, information processing and decision-making body of Greta Energy. Its functions include:

  • Economic, financial and legal analysis of the proposed projects, analysis of budget, analysis of commercial proposals, contracts and other reports received from subsidiaries and business partners.
  • Elaboration of development strategies for each project, preparation of various kinds of financial and strategy reports to the Board Members to facilitate decision making.
  • Procurement, order and logistics coordination with business partners and subsidiaries.
  • Meetings and negotiations with financial institutions, investment funds and other potential investors on the topic of project financing.
  • Preparation of a package of documents (such as business plans) that meet standard requirements for project financing.
  • Financing the project related expenses and paying invoices of subsidiaries and business partners.
  • Processing new information received from subsidiaries on ongoing projects and reporting to the Directors.

Operational Offices

The Operational offices facilitate project development locally. They perform local coordination and management functions, staying in close contact with the head office in Toronto. Typical duties include:

  • Hiring local personnel and signing contracts with local business partners (such as engineering and consulting companies, construction companies)
  • Coordination of the installation of equipment and wind data collection
  • Obtaining local permits and licenses
  • Coordination of construction (substations, roads, foundations, etc.
  • Contacting and negotiating with local sales representatives of wind turbine manufacturers
  • Receiving financing from the head office in Toronto for operational and other project related expenses
  • Updating the head office on a daily basis on the progress of the project
  • Other operational and administrative functions as requested from time to time by the Head Office.

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