Greta Energy specializes in the research, development and financing of renewable energy, represented by wind and hydro in several locations around the world. Our vision is to play a part in providing equitable and timely access to clean and renewable energy sources.


To help realize this vision, we work hand-in-hand with a variety of partners throughout the world to harness the clean energy of wind, water and soil, adapting our approach to the unique needs of each opportunity and building a diverse portfolio of renewable energy projects. In so doing, our mission is guided by the three pillars of Greta Energy: Green, Guardianship, Growth.


We currently have ongoing projects in Canada, Estonia, Russia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. In the meantime, we constantly seek new opportunities in other parts of the world. Whether you are a land-owner, developer or co-operative, we invite you to contact us to explore the potential of working with Greta Energy.

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